English speaking group running activities in the Var region of France 
VIAC (which was originally started as Var International Aperitif Club) is dedicated to promoting friendship, internationalism and the enjoyment of a special part of France. What better way of doing that than exploring the culture and geography of the Var in the company of like-minded people and then enjoying the famed food and wine of Provence in its many and varied local restaurants? 
VIAC was formed more than twenty-five years ago at a time when fewer people from abroad were living in the Var and there was an imperative to build new friendships between incomers and the local community. Much has changed since then. Travelling from the Var to peoples’ countries of origin is very much easier and cheaper, enabling family and friends to visit and be visited more frequently. People are more travelled and are less dependent upon each other for exploring and visiting the area. However, despite the changes, VIAC members still appreciate the original purpose: forming new friendships between people who live in the Var, or have second homes here, regularly meeting old friends and enjoying our region and its food in an international English-speaking environment. 
Since VIAC was formed other organisations have been formed to promote the development of support groups, the development of an international community and eating out together. These groups, however, are different from VIAC in that they tend to focus exclusively on just one element of VIAC’s multifaceted mission. Many members of VIAC also belong to one or more of these other organisations, yet every year renew their commitment to our community. 
VIAC has a history of special interest groups. In the past there have been gardening, golf, ski and gourmet groups. Currently there is a strongly supported walking group that organises varied and interesting walks across the Var which are not too taxing though nevertheless enabling walkers to feel well exercised in beautiful surroundings. The group is open to all members, which is a philosophy that will underpin the development of all new special interest groups. 

Special Interest Groups: If anyone has any particular leisure pastime which they would like to open up to other members by starting a group, please contact any committee member. We look forward to hearing your ideas.....

Terms of participation in VIAC events 
 VIAC is an association of like-minded individuals interested in social activities, with members organising events for other members on a mutually supportive basis. VIAC events are open only to members of VIAC and their guests. Activities are planned to break-even; work being done mainly by volunteers. Events are subject to alteration due to the weather, personal circumstances of organiser, guides or proprietors of establishments visited, and other circumstances which cannot be controlled. Members organising events on behalf of and/or for the benefit of members cannot be held liable for any claims. Activities vary in the amount of physical fitness required so if you have any doubts about your fitness, you should consult your own medical advisor. You should ensure that you have adequate insurance for loss or damage to personal items and/or personal injury.